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Fly Aways

The Base 4 Aviation: Flight Academy strives to provide our students with opportunities, that will enhance their skills and experience. We aim to expose students to actual scenario's, they might encounter after they have qualified as Commercial Pilots.

A common problem all newly qualified CPL pilots encounter, is the operational flights they are expected to do when they start working. These operational flights are usually risky, which adds a massive amount of stress on the pilot, essentially increasing risk to everyone involved. Our aim is to expose our students to various operational scenario's, under the watchful eyes of our experienced instructors.

When they qualify they will know the risks involved and, more importantly, know how to minimize the risks. Together with decreased pilot stress, purely because they have done it before, the entire flight becomes exponentially safer! The best way to do scenario based training, is to take the pilots away from their "comfort zone", where they can focus on their flying. Enter... the Fly-Aways!!

Our Fly-Aways have become Legend! Join the next Fly-Away and become a Legend. For the latest information on coming Fly-Aways, please contact the Base 4 Aviation: Flight Academy.