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Flight Instruction: We teach you how to fly the helicopter safely and competently. Typically, you fly dual with a flight instructor. Ground Instruction: We teach the rules, regulations, emergency procedures, etc in a class room environment where you can focus on the information at hand. We do this before going out to fly. We also do a briefing after the flight to answer any questions you may have. Online Exam: You take the exam once we have covered all the material required for the rating you are working on. Flight Test: Once you have passed the exams, we setup a check ride for you. This consists of both an oral test and a practical test where you demonstrate manoeuvres learned in the helicopter with a Flight Instructor.
Private, Commercial, Instrument, and ATP certificates are good for 10 years. You are required to keep current by meeting certain requirements (differ by rating) as well as being in possession of a valid medical certificate.
There is a minimum age restriction of 17 years of age for private helicopter pilots, 18 years of age for commercial pilots and flight instructors, and 21 years of age for an ATP. There is no maximum age restriction. You do, however, need to pass a medical examination and carry a valid medical certificate to be a helicopter pilot.
You get one by going to an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME). The examination consists of a vision test, hearing test, colour-blind test, and basic physical. There are also health questions to answer. If you have any questions or concerns about specific medical conditions, feel free to ask us, or ask an AME before you apply for your medical certificate. We have local AMEs we can refer you to. We recommend you get your medical certificate before you commence flying.
The CAA issues three classes of medical certificates: A Class 1 is required for pilots who exercise Commercial & Airline Transport Pilot privileges. A first class medical is valid for 12 months. The time period is also dependent on your age. If over the age of 40 the medical is only valid for 6 months. A Class 2 is required for pilots who fly for a hobby or as students. The second class medical is valid for 24 months. 12 month if you are over the age of 40.
It depends on how often you fly, and what certificates you want to obtain. We recommend that you contact us to discuss this further. We can help you determine the most cost effective, expedient way to attain your goal.
Yes, there are several options available to you. Contact us for more info.
We do not require pre-payment up front for your training. You may pay for each lesson as you go if you so desire. We do offer discounted rates if you pay up front, however.
Most employers require 800-1000 hours of flight time before they will employ you. Typically, students start their careers as an Instructor. It takes about 12-24 months on average as a Instructor to build 800 hours. Once you have the hours required, employers will train you in turbine helicopters to meet their job requirements.
Examples of Helicopter Pilot careers include tours, charter, photo shoots, EMS, fire fighting, corporate, agricultural, oil and petroleum industry.
Flight instructors typically make between R250 and R450 an hour to start while building flight time. From there, salaries start at about R250,000 for entry level turbine jobs, then continue upwards to over R500,000.
We occasionally hire exceptional graduates. At a minimum, however, we will assist you in search for employment.