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Base 4 Flight Academy was established in 2004 and specialises in Helicopter Flight training. The facility includes a flight training centre with an online test centre, private individual lecture rooms, a large group lecture room and a student resource centre. 
Our academy operates both piston and turbine, single and twin engine helicopters under Part 141 with a fleet consisting of Robinson R22s, Robinson R44s, Bell 206 Jet Ranger, Airbus MBB BO105 and a Bell UH-I Iroquois (Huey). All our helicopters are equipped for basic and advanced training purposes. Our instructors are Grades I, II and III, catering to the various levels of training requirements, and have extensive knowledge and experience in helicopter operations and training. 
Our geographic location in Cape Town, South Africa exposes the student to a  range of environments that is beneficial to becoming an experienced pilot. The West Coast offers student pilots flight experience on scenic coastlines, rocky mountains, open grasslands, and vast rolling hills of vineyards. The coastal climate presents a variety of weather conditions, exposing students to fair weather flying and the more challenging conditions associated with frontal systems. This allows training on basic and advanced levels without the need to travel to and from other areas. 
The Cape Town International Airport is a controlled (Class C) airspace, which exposes students from the onset to the high demands of flying in an international airspace, properly preparing the students for the stresses and workload one might face during the course of their piloting career.