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Base 4 Aviation has extended its range of services to include the overhaul of R22’s and R44’s for sale, as well as overhaul options for an owner who’s aircraft has become timex (time expired). 

The R22’s that Base 4 Aviation uses in its flight school are examples of overhauls that we have undertaken and the extensive use of these aircraft are a testament to the quality of the work that we provide. 

The Time-Between-Overhaul (TBO) for the Robinson product is 2200 hours or twelve years. Life-limited components have approved service lives of at least 2200 hours or twelve years. In essence, this means that at 2200 hour or 12 years (either since new or since last overhaul), the aircraft must be completely disassembled and overhauled.  This involves replacing (gearboxes, blade assemblies, etc) and overhauling (engine) the majority of the aircraft.  Although this is a costly exercise, if done correctly, it can give the aircraft a whole new lease on life. 

The final product, although not a brand new aircraft, is in essence a new zero time since overhaul airframe with all the upgrades that a new aircraft would have.  

The quality of this aircraft is as good as any aircraft being released from the Robinson factory with a few improvements to ensure the longevity of the machine.