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Maintenance Approvals Robinson

Base 4 Aviation has extended its range of services to include the overhaul of Robinson’s for sale, as well as overhaul options for an owner who’s Robinson has become timex (time expired).

Robinsons have a life span of 2,200 hours or 12 years, at which time the aircraft is considered timex, and must be overhauled to be able to return to service.
The overhaul of the aircraft requires us to strip the aircraft right down to its bare shell and individual components. The shell and the air-frame then undergo NDT testing. In essence this is an x-ray that determines the quality of the air-frame and all compromised parts are replaced. The shell and air-frame are paint stripped and anodized, which is an anti-corrosion coating. The aircraft is painted in the color scheme of the client’s choice and is wet assembled to further reduce corrosion to the aircraft. This is a superior method of assembly which is further evidence of the quality of the Base 4 product. All operational parts are replaced with new units using the standard overhaul kit obtained directly from the Robinson factory in the USA. This includes new gearboxes, clutch, and blade assemblies etc.


The interior of the aircraft is stripped to its core and is replaced with a new interior customized to the client’s color scheme, including carpets, seats and insulation. The engine is completely overhauled with the mechanical parts being replaced, with exception to the crankshaft unless this part is determined inferior when it is tested.


Once the engine has been reassembled we run the engine on our test bench, allowing the client to enjoy their flying from the time that they take delivery of the aircraft. The final product, although not a brand new aircraft, is in essence a new zero time since overhaul air-frame with all the upgrades that a new aircraft would have. The quality of this aircraft is as good as any aircraft being released from the Robinson factory with a few improvements to ensure the longevity of the machine.