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Aeroshell Distributor

AeroShell aviation lubricants have been trusted for generations. This trust is founded on the reliability and proven performance of their high quality products and an appreciation of their deep industry understanding.

Whether you need dedicated helicopter grease, innovative aircraft oil for the latest hot-running gas-turbine engines, breaking-in oil for your overhauled piston engine or products designed for your ultralight sports aircraft, there is an AeroShell product for you.
We understand your desire for low-cost, dependable flight. You can rely on AeroShell products to help protect your engine, reduce its maintenance costs and improve its efficiency. Whether you fly for pleasure or your business depends on flight, AeroShell products are designed to help lift your performance.


The AeroShell Oil W range can help to improve engine efficiency. They were the first aviation oils to successfully tackle the problem of enhancing oil performance with an additive package that did not form performance-sapping deposits. The oils’ polymenric additives form less ash when burned than traditional metal-based additives. This helps to minimise harmful combustion-chamber and spark-plug deposits, and keep your engine operating efficiently.
Base 4 Aviation is the dedicated reseller of AeroShell aviation lubricants for the Western Cape. We stock a wide selection of lubricants with a reserve of two months’ supply. This is backed by an additional six months being held in Johannesburg.